About me

Are you tired of doing diets and never get in better shape? Do you love dogs and cats ? Are you full of allergies and don’t know what to do? You love computers and everything that is connected with it? Want to know more about photography and video editing ?

If you answered yes on at least one question then you came to the right place

I ain’t just like any other guy who will write to you about how i got a new iPhone and that i’m better then you, NO. Maybe you’re just like me that found out that your living in a world were allergies are your worst enemy. Maybe you just want to find a way to get in shape or you just love animals. Fear not i’m not going to sell something to you no i want to show you that i’m the same as you i care about this things and i want to share it with you. First things first let me introduce myself.  My name is Alex. I live in a town in Slovenia near the sea called Koper.  I was born on 15. December 1992.

I started this blog because i want to help people understand that everything i write is an achievement that you get in your life. Now your thinking “is being lazy an achievement?“. My answer is NO but an achievement is something you do to start doing stuff that make you less lazy. Let me just tell you i was a good for nothing lazy but i made the change. My high school years were all just playing games  all day and night but was that really a thing to mention? Yes, because of my playing games i was very much overweight and i had to get motivated to change that. So don’t worry i’m not just a person that wants to brainwash you in thinking this is the right path. Everyone chooses  their own path but let my posts inspire you to find your own path.

About getting in shape

I know it’s a hard decision to get from siting on a couch to start moving i been there and it’s not easy. It was a day in the spring that made me realize that having 130 kg (286 lbs) was affecting me everyday in doing my job i had to change. The first thing you thing you say “so now he went on a diet how obvious“. Well it’s not really that i did a diet or something similar. The only thing that i eliminated on my menu is bread (Yes even black bread!). You would not believe it but bread is one of the worst things you can eat on a daily basis. The next step was exercise but it was a very common exercise you do it everyday at least once a day. Let me assure you in 3 months went from 130kg to 93kg. But that’s only the beginning more about my journey on getting in shape on my blog posts.

About allergies

As society progress new modern age allergies occur. Let’s just say i’m one of the new modern age kind of people. Well it’s not easy living with them but you can get somehow around with them. For me it’s been almost hell to get something to eat without getting an allergic reaction. And I know i am not the only one that has them so hopefully my post will help you with your food choice. Stay tuned as we progress with allergic tests.

About loving dogs and cats

Bonny on the left and Ran on the right

Alot of people love dogs and cats, but some of them really want them but they can’t afford them. I personally been a dog lover all my life but could not afford it. But since 2016 i am a proud owner of a female German Shepherd named Ran. This is my very first dog in my life. And my love for dogs doesn’t end with one dog, oh no, why have one when you can have two. In July 2018 i adopted another puppy so my big girl can have a playmate.

Well how could i not love a cat? Well it’s true the cat just wanders around whenever they want but on cold nights or when you are down the always try to cheer you up. I currently don’t own a cat but still find them amazing.

About computers